Spotlight on Faculty Research:

Maggie Garb, research on African American politics in the 19th & 20th centuries.

Spotlight on Graduate Research:

Muey Saeturn, graduate student in African History, in Chavakali Region, Western Kenya, 2011

Spotlight on Undergraduate Research:

Click here for the latest edition of the Gateway History Journal, a student-edited collection of the best undergraduate history writing at Washington University

Spotlight on Fall 2015 Courses

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Welcome from the Chair

Through research, teaching, publishing, and public service, the History Department at Washington University situates itself at the core of the university. We are committed to a comprehensive and diverse curriculum for undergraduates, which not only imparts important knowledge about the past, but cultivates skills that are crucial for life and work in today's twenty-first century world: research, analysis and interpretation, argument, and clear writing.